Dental Fillings

If you are experiencing dental pain or notice a change in the color of one of your teeth, you may need treatment for decay or damage.

Instead of living with worry or discomfort, turn to Dumas Family Dental in Dumas, TX.

Our dentists, David M. Bonner and Reagan A. Bonner, can treat your cavity or trauma and seal the area with a tooth-colored dental filling.

Dealing With Dental Pain?
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How Are Dental Fillings Used?

After treating your dental decay or damage, your dentist can use a filling to seal the area and restore the shape and function of your tooth. Fillings can be made from a variety of materials, including silver amalgam, composite resin, or gold.

Which Dental Problems Can Be Treated by Fillings?

Our dentists offer several options to help even the most anxious patient undergo dental procedures. Our sedation options include:

cracked teeth

Cracked Teeth

chipped teeth

Chipped Teeth

decayed teeth

Decayed Teeth

worn teeth

Worn Teeth

misshapen teeth

Misshapen Teeth

Choose a Dental Practice That’s Here for You Every Step of the Way

From preventative cleanings to restorative care, our dentists want to ensure you have happy, healthy teeth.

If you need a dental filling to get your smile back on track, you can trust us to treat you with compassion and expertise.

To receive urgent dental care or to schedule an appointment for a dental filling, contact our Dumas office or call: (806) 935-6811

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At Dumas Family Dental in Dumas, TX, we are dedicated to providing best-in-class dental services to ensure your oral hygiene and smile are the best they can be.

See How Fillings Can Restore Your Smile

Tooth decay can create cavities or discoloration in your teeth. Amalgam, composite resin, or gold fillings can repair damage to your smile. If you notice any changes in your teeth, contact our Dumas dental practice immediately.

Amalgam Fillings vs. Composite Fillings

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are different than gold fillings. Dental amalgam contains multiple types of metal, like silver, mercury, and tin.

While rare, the metals in amalgam can cause adverse reactions in patients with a metal allergy or sensitivity. Amalgam also looks metallic and can stand out in your smile.

Composite Fillings

These fillings are made from tooth-colored composite resin, which includes a mixture of metal-free synthetic materials.

Unlike amalgam, composite resin is hypoallergenic and won’t cause any adverse effects. Composite fillings also look more subtle than amalgam fillings, blending in with your enamel and allowing you to discreetly repair your smile.

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Can Children Get Dental Fillings?

While it may seem like fillings for children are unnecessary, they can play an important role in your child’s dental health.

If cavity-causing bacteria spreads to the tooth roots, it may lead to an uncomfortable condition like an abscess or gum disease. After treating your child’s dental decay, we can seal their tooth with a natural-looking filling to restore their bite, smile, and health.

We know your child may not be eager to visit the dentist’s office, so we’ll do everything we can to keep the experience comfortable, calm, and engaging for you both. We have a family-friendly team of caring professionals who will take the time to ensure your child receives the excellent care they deserve.

The Dumas Family Dental Difference

As a father-and-son dental practice, family is important to us. We can’t wait to welcome you and your loved ones to our Dumas office and provide you with individualized and compassionate dentistry.

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Dental Fillings Appointment Timeline

You can trust Drs. David M. Bonner and Reagan A. Bonner to alleviate your dental pain and refine your smile with fillings.


Before we can discuss your dental treatment, you will need to visit our Dumas office for a consultation.

We will see if your tooth indeed has trauma or a cavity.

If it does, we will determine if a dental filling is the best treatment option for you.


We can use a local anesthetic to help you feel comfortable during your treatment.

With just a brief injection, the area will be completely numb. You won’t feel any pain as your dentist treats your tooth.


After addressing your tooth decay or trauma, Dr. Bonner will apply your composite resin filling in small layers.

This will help your filling last longer and provide you with the coverage, strength, and protection that your smile needs.


Dr. Bonner will use a gentle UV light to quickly cure each layer of composite resin as he applies them.

As it cures, the resin will permanently set into place. Dr. Bonner will shape the filling to provide the best fit and feel in your mouth.


To ensure lasting results, Dr. Bonner will finish curing your composite filling with another round of UV light.

Lastly, he will clean up by polishing the area. This can help prevent staining and extend the lifespan of your dental filling.

How to Prevent Future Cavities

Once your fillings have been placed, you can help ensure that your teeth stay healthy.

Brush Daily

Brush with toothpaste that contains fluoride. This mineral can help strengthen your teeth. If you need recommendations, you can ask Dr. Bonner about his top choices.

Floss Regularly

Plaque contains acids that eat away at your tooth enamel, causing cavities. Flossing each day will help you prevent plaque buildup. It will also help keep your gums clean and free from gum disease.

Visit Us

Our dentists provide routine exams and cleanings to help your smile stay healthy and beautiful. Attending regular appointments will let your dentist notice and treat any changes in your teeth more quickly.

We Offer Financing For Your Convenience

Your insurance will likely cover at least part of the cost of your dental fillings. We accept many types of insurance and will work with your provider to help you secure the best possible coverage. If you need additional help paying for your treatment, we also offer financing options like CareCredit®.