Have you had enough of soft, bland foods and hiding your smile? With help from Dr. David M. Bonner and his team, you can find what you’ve been missing.

How? With custom dentures designed by the dentists at Dumas Family Dental.

From traditional to implant-supported dentures, you can explore your options at our family-owned Dumas, TX, practice.

Our Options Are Tailored to Your Degree of Tooth Loss

Depending on your needs, you may need partial dentures or full dentures. Both types can be traditional or implant-supported, allowing you to decide what’s right for your smile.

partial dentures

Partial Dentures

Need more than a bridge but less than a complete denture? We can provide partial dentures to replace several missing teeth.

older man getting his dentures

Full Dentures

If you need dentures to replace your entire upper or lower arch, full dentures offer total coverage.

Understanding the Possibilities

It’s typically obvious when patients need full dentures or partial dentures. When it comes to deciding how their dentures stay in place, though, they may not be sure where to start. Our Dumas team features two distinct choices: traditional dentures, which can be removed at any time, and implant-supported dentures, which are anchored in place.

Traditional Dentures:
Affordability Meets Simplicity


One benefit of traditional dentures is cost. Insurance won’t cover the cost of dental implants. However, they can help with the dentures themselves. It’s also important to remember that implants from our Texas team have health benefits that traditional dentures do not.


Some patients do not want to undergo any kind of dental surgery. Others are missing bone material or have health conditions that make surgery risky, making it hard for them to qualify for dental implants. Because of their simplicity, traditional dentures can be an excellent tooth replacement option for dentistry patients wanting more streamlined care.


Implant-Supported Dentures
Improve Health and Functionality

dentures and dental implants


Traditional dentures do their job well, but they simply can’t improve certain aspects of your health. Implant-supported dentures, however, can. That’s because dental implants stimulate your bone tissue, preventing recession as well as the sunken facial structure that comes with bone loss.


A big reason why our Dumas patients love dental implant-supported dentures is due to the design. Implants allow your new dentures to work — and look — like your natural teeth. Plus, their unmatched stability means you can chew, talk, and smile with the utmost confidence.

Visit a Dental Practice That Provides Implant-Supported Dentures

Not all Moore County, TX, dentists are qualified to place dental implants. Instead, they need to refer out, making their patients travel to another office for any surgical appointments.

The team at Dumas Family Dental, on the other hand, can place your implants and conduct your entire denture treatment. That means you can conveniently receive care that improves your bone health, prevents premature aging, and increases your overall oral function.

Not sure if you prefer traditional dentures or implant-supported ones? We’re here to help. To explore your candidacy and options, contact us online or give our Dumas, TX, office a call at (806) 935-6811

How Can I Pay for My Dentures?

Our dentistry practice works with you — and your budget — to find the best course of care. To make your dental treatment possible, we accept:


We are happy to take most insurances. Though the total amount of coverage will depend on whether you’ve chosen traditional or implant-supported dentures, your provider should help with a portion of the costs.

Cash or Card

Have out-of-pocket costs? Don’t have insurance?

You can also pay for your dentures treatment at our Dumas, TX, office using cash or a credit card.


Your budget doesn’t have to stand in the way of your preferred treatment.

With help from CareCredit® financing, you can make flexible payments over time.

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How Implants Create Long-Term Stability

Traditional dentures often move out of place. With implant-supported dentures, however, you can completely depend on long-term stability. Wondering how it works? Essentially, an implant is a screw secured in your jawbone and gums. It anchors an abutment and restoration, giving you the best alternative to your original smile.

What Can I Expect During Implant Dentures Treatment?

Led by Dr. David M. Bonner, our team can work with you to create a custom smile that you can truly be proud of sharing. Though each treatment is completely personalized, let’s look at the broad strokes.

Even without natural teeth, you can live a full and happy life — and it’s all thanks to dentures.

Dental Consultation

Before we can start planning your dentures, we’ll ensure that you’re a good candidate. Your first appointment will give our Dumas, TX, dentists a chance to examine your gums, bone health, and each remaining tooth, so that we can determine the right course of treatment.


To give us the most precise view of your anatomy and plan your treatment, we will also take X-rays of your mouth.

Tooth Extraction

In some cases, patients may have decayed or damaged teeth still in place. Luckily, our dentists can safely remove each tooth, so that you’re ready for your partial or complete dentures.

Implant Placement

If you’ve opted for implants, your treatment plan will take a little longer. Typically, our dentist will make an opening in your jawbone and gums, placing the implant. Then, over a period of three to six months, the area will heal and the implant will fuse with your jaw.

Temporary Denture

No need to worry about an incomplete smile. We can typically provide you with a temporary denture in between implant placement and the attachment of your final denture.

Denture Placement

Once the implants have fused with the bone, you’ll return to our Dumas, TX, office. Then, our dentist will attach abutments to all your implants. After that, they will use the abutments to anchor your new denture in place. All you have to do after that is enjoy your beautiful new smile.

Anxious About Your Appointment?

Nerves are common for our Texas dental patients but they don’t have to be a certainty. Our caring team can take the stress out of denture planning and placement with sedation dentistry. Your choices? Oral sedation, IV sedation, or nitrous oxide. Explore them all during your initial consultation.